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Orthopedic Boots

Air or Non-Air? Tall or Short? Which Boot is Right for Me?

Choosing the boot with the right features is essential in the healing process. There are several considerations to make, such as the location and type of injury, as well as severity. It is important to note that these walking boots are intended for minor injuries and should not be used in place of a hard cast for treating major injuries such as ligament damage or broken bones. For this reason, orthopedic walking boots are typically used as a transition between hard cast boots and no cast at all.

Some common conditions walking boots are used ankle sprain ankle fracture toe fracture foot fracture metatarsal stress fracture heel pain tendonitis post bunion surgery

Aircast Boots

The air pump inflates and surrounds the covered area of the leg with an air cushion that provides customizable comfort and support

Help accommodate for swelling and promote a faster healing time while allowing for increased mobility More expensive

Non Air Boots

High Tops

For ankle or calf injuries

Opt for this if you're 6 feet or taller for coverage and protection

Low Tops

For injuries that impact the foot, heel or lower ankle

Still unsure which one to choose? Visit us for a fitting or Visit one of our physicians.

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